iOS 13.5 Beta skips Face ID detecting a Face mask on

Face ID problems scaled

Seeing the disorder with Face ID and face mask which posed a problem for iPhone users to unlock their iPhones. Apple decided to make users wearing a mask to get in their phone faster in its recent iOS update.

Before the update, iPhone would initiate Face ID authentication to unlock your iPhone, before asking for a passcode, which was time-wasting for users with face masks, as Face ID can’t recognize a face with a mask on.

Now, though users found solutions to cope with it, Apple decided to take matters in their own hands and ease out unlocking the iPhone in the coronavirus pandemic for its users by asking for Passcode if the iPhone detects your face covered, and in this pandemic, with a Face mask.

Apple adds the feature in iOS 13.5 beta 3, for developers. Simply swipe up the bottom bar on the iPhone, and it’ll show the passcode screen without any delay.

It’s a good addition by Apple, as wearing a mask is becoming a necessity in this pandemic to stop the spread of this malady.

Apple on Wednesday also added other features to help its users in times of Covid19 pandemic. Such include allowing developers to build apps that could notify users when in range of people affected with Coronavirus. All thanks to the new contact tracing API formed collaboratively by Apple and Google.

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