Facebook’s Dark Mode is coming soon on iOS devices

Facebook dark mode iOS

After a long wait, it’s finally here. Facebook is implying the Dark Mode feature introduced in iOS 13, to its Facebook app on iOS devices; the significant aesthetic change is on its final stages, hopefully. On the other hand, the desktop variant of Facebook’s Dark Mode surfaced its final version in October 2020.

Evidence of Dark Mode on iOS

Facebook is publicly testing Dark Mode on Facebook and Facebook Lite(ideal for low data usage). The news of the Dark Mode in Facebook app came about back in April, though there were no official visuals until recently after it got partially public. Users started sharing about the Dark Mode option appearing in their Facebook app’s settings.

The feature got evident after a Twitter user by the name ‘Jane Manchun Wong’, a prolific app hacker, bypassed the app and found what he later discussed with Facebook’s communication manager @alexvoica and created a video in collaboration with her to explain what it meant.

What does Dark Mode do?

Dark Mode is a darker scheme of the general white interface we are accustomed to. Apart from the fact that it’s less strenuous to eyes, the Dark Mode looks pleasing, elegant, and adds hours between charges.

A research by Google shows that dark pixels demand fewer resources than white pixels. Pure black pixels are turned off, a solid reason for better battery timings.


There’s no way yet to get access to Dark Mode on iOS until Facebook wants it. You can try your luck by visiting the settings section and who knows Facebook might have chosen you for testing. However, it’s still questioning why the company is getting so late enabling Dark Mode in its flagship app when its other branches like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram already provide the feature. Well, only time can tell.

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