Ex-Apple Designer says AirPods Max took 4 years to Show

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Former Apple designer says the company planned for AirPods Max; 4 years ago, the same year the first AirPods got out.

Dinesh Dave, who is currently a product designer for Facebook, tweeted that he signed NDA(Non-disclosure Agreement) four years past when he worked with a big team of friends.

The Ex-Apple employee didn’t know that the NDA doesn’t apply as the product has launched. Surely, Apple told him that after his tweet…

The Tweet by Dave said, ”The last product NDA I signed is finally out!”

A Twitter user replied to Dave’s tweet asking when did he sign the NDA, to which he replied: 4 years ago.

The tweet was deleted, possibly after getting a call from Apple. Before deletion, however, Ryan Jones, also a former Apple Employee, took a screenshot of the conversation

Now, we don’t know what post Dinesh had in Apple, but he is a graphic design graduate. It’s possible the engineering team was on the project AirPods Max a lot earlier than when Dave signed the NDA because it takes long before the project would require a designer.

Queries stand why exactly Apple waited 4 years to launch the AirPods Max. Though, knowing the nature, we do know that Apple lets other(competitors) bring their products to the shelf then analyses its pain points before presenting the perfect product it could make.

A hard pill to swallow is that those products don’t come cheap, same goes with the AirPods Max. Priced at $550, it’s nearly $200 more than other expensive headphones in the market.

The lucky Reviewers who got their hands on the new product are praising the headphones, but almost everyone is concerned about its hectic price tag.

Nilay Patel from The Verge says,

“I’ve had fun listening to the AirPods Max for a few hours — they’re crisp and bright, with a pleasingly wider soundstage than my Sony headphones, and no distortion at all, even at max volume.”

“The memory-foam earcups are very comfortable, and attach magnetically — they remain firmly in place, but come out easily when you need them to.”

Marques Brownlee from MKBHD says:

“It just doesn’t get much better built than this.”
Regarding the Digital Crown control: “this is probably honestly better than a lot of the finicky touch controls [of competitors].”

“Would have been nice if you could customize your cushion colour straight from the order page … but that’s just the most Apple thing you’ve ever heard, isn’t it? Buying $550 headphones, and having to spend an extra $70 to change part of the colour?”

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