Apple Watch saved kidnapped woman, says Police

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And once again, Apple Watch comes to the rescue when a kidnapped woman contacted her girl through the watch; allowing the police to trace her location. The report comes from foxsanantonio

The report says that a girl called the Police of Selma for her kidnapped mother. The girl told that Adalberto Longoria was arguing with her mother in the parking lot when she heard her scream. Though, she didn’t know where the kidnapper took her. 

After 10-15 minutes, the girl received a call from her mother, who used her Apple watch to contact her daughter. The women told that Adalberto Longoria had kidnapped her. When suddenly, the call dropped. 

The officers used the cellular ping to track the women’s location and found her in the parking lot. When the police reached the victim’s location; the kidnapper, Adalberto Longoria had run away leaving the woman tormented on the truck bed. 

From the report:

The victim told police she and Longoria were fighting, and Longoria had refused to give up the vehicle. He told her to get her things out of the bed of the truck. When she went to do this, Longoria allegedly got in the driver’s seat and drove away with her still in the bed of the truck. The victim told police he was allegedly drunk at the time.

The smartwatches are made for health and safety and not just for customisable aesthetics. The Apple Watch has fit to its purpose and has proven beneficial in several emergencies. 

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