Apple Shutdown Internal Apps, Causing Havoc at Facebook HQ

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A new book by Steven-Levy is out, named “Facebook: the Inside story”. He writes how Apple brought havoc at the Facebook HQ when it revoked the enterprise certificate.

The incident occurred in January 2019 when Apple suspected Facebook for using its apps to track its customer’s activities. Coincidently, Facebook was having an earnings call when it happened.

“As [Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg] spoke [on the call], people on Facebook’s campus could not test new products and were cancelling meetings because they could not get the shuttle,”

What does Revoking a certificate do to Facebook?

Revoking a certificate means; apps under the certificate become unavailable in the Appstore and also halt from running. And, with internal apps made by the organization under a single certificate, it could be a nightmare for an organization. As Facebook had with an array of internal iOS apps’ shutdown.

Why Apple did it?

Apple takes privacy seriously. According to sources: Facebook made an app to track its teenage customers. The app, however, wasn’t in the Appstore. It was against Apple, Facebook contract. Facebook used the Apple Enterprise program for the app which needed special certificates to work on an iPhone, apps exclusively for Apple’s employees, which, Facebook, made public.

The book also covers a good relationship between Facebook and Apple And, its decline after Tim Cook. 

Levy also mentioned Mark Zuckerberg’s reaction in response to Apple after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Tim Cook, conscious about privacy, was asked: what he would’ve done if he was in place of Mark Zuckerberg. To which he replied, “I would not be in that situation.”

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