Apple flaunts iPhone 12 Durability in a new ad

iPhone 12 water resistant durability 1

Apple uploaded a new ad on its Youtube channel showing off the durability of its flagship device iPhone 12. The video shows iPhone 12 amalgamated in the hectic “cook”ing session of a messy man who clearly doesn’t know how to cook.

The youtube video highlights the resistance of the iPhone 12 in harsh conditions – the cooking session in this case.

The ad showcases “Sauce” by Naïka, and an iPhone user using the Apple machine as a digital recipe book. The man watches video tutorials without the slightest concern of the mess he is causing. The phone is covered in flour, dropped, battered with doe, and slammed.

“More spill and splash resistant than ever. Ceramic Shield, tougher than any smartphone glass. Relax, it’s iPhone,”

Apple has released a series of ads showcasing the features of its flagship iPhone 12. These includes, dolby vision support, privacy and more.

Apart for the iPhone 12, Apple has recently released an ad which flaunts its AirPods pro. The ad came just about time before the expected release of Apple’s AirPods 3.

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