Apple Austin Campus costs $1 Billion. Expect Increased Jobs in the US

Apple Austin Campus 112019

Apple is currently in process to construct a $1 Billion Campus in Austin, Texas, expanded to 133-acre of land. It shall be ready until 2022.

The Apple Austin campus will start with 5,000 employees initially and then increase its capacity to 15,000 until 2022.

The Apple Austin Campus, in partnership with Austin based Bartlett Tree experts, have decided to plant trees surrounding the walls of the campus. The plan is to plant over a thousand trees comprising of over 20 varieties. The greenery will cover 60% of the campus area with 50-acre land allotted solely for nature and wildlife preserve, open for public sighting.

Apple promised Donald Trump to increase jobs in the US and add $350 billion in the US economy until 2023. Apple’s Austin project will play a huge part in fulfilling Apple’s promise.

Apple is reported to expand in Boulder, Culver City, New York, Pittsburgh, San Diego, and Seattle.

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