How to Unlock your iPhone With or Without Face ID With Mask

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Face ID is Apple’s next-level security. If you rely on Apple’s Face ID on your iPhone, then chances are; it’s not working well for you in the Corona pandemic, i.e. when wearing a face mask.

Apple didn’t see a pandemic coming that would hide the user’s nose and mouth, which, one of the Face ID modules, known as “flood illuminator,” requires, for facial recognition.

Researchers at Tencent Security Xuanwu Lab who have been doing extensive research on biometrics in the past years conducted a Face ID research and came up with a method to make face masks work with Face ID, And here is how it goes:

How to Unlock your iPhone Wearing a Mask

On your Apple device;

  1. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode.
  2. Choose either Reset Face ID or Alternate Appearance Options.
  3. Fold your mask in half in the vertical plane and cover half of your face.

Ensure it covers the tip of the nose and not more.

  1. Start the first Face ID scan process, and follow the device’s instruction until the green light validates the scan.
  2. Now move your folded mask to the other side of your face, and start the second Face ID scan procedure like before until the green light approves the scan.
  3. Now wear your face mask normally to unlock your iPhone. 

Hopefully, this method will help you work out your masked face with Face ID, if it doesn’t, don’t give up yet and try repeating the steps a few times. 

Although this method to unlock with the mask on is backed by researchers, it’s not reported to work for everyone, but for some, it has been successful.

Some claim the method worked after several attempts while some came with a straight No. But what’s bad in trying? Check out some users who say it worked for them:

If this doesn’t work out, you are left with two options; let Face ID fail and encourage entering a passcode or get directly to passcode screen turning off Face ID. Here’s how you can do that:

How to Turn-off Face ID on iPhone

  1. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode.
  2. Fill in your Passcode.

On the top, you’ll see the option to toggle iPhone Unlock with Face ID. Disabling it will ask you your passcode, and not your face when unlocking your iPhone next time. 

There you also have an option to turn off Face ID for Apple Pay so you will require a passcode for your transactions with Apple Pay. 

Turning off Face ID for the above tasks; you will still be able to use Apple’s Face ID with Appstore purchases or signing into apps. Somethings you’d normally do at home, without any mask.

And, turning off Face ID for individual tasks like iPhone unlocking and Apple Pay transact will help you not to set up Face ID from scratch, instead of a simple tap on the toggle.

If you want, you can also turn off Face ID completely and switch to Passcode by taping Reset Face ID, and then confirming it. This will make you use your passcode instead of Face ID for unlocking iPhone, Apple Pay, and Appstore purchases.

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