How to Record Online Calls on Mac for Free?

Record Voice and Video Calls On Mac for Free

The pandemic has pushed everyone to the remote working side. What used to be a choice, is now a lifestyle. But everything has a good side as well. For instance; Remote working doesn’t require suiting up, you can set your own schedule and you are not bound to the office rules. Best of all? you get to spend more time with your loved ones.

Here I’ll show how you can record your online interviews, classes, discussions, or meetings that you can view or recall later and replay until you get it glued in your hippocampus.

Is it illegal to Record calls?

As long as all the parties in the call give permission to record their call session, you are on the right track.

Popular apps with in-built Recording options

Here are some of the software which you are probably using during the pandemic for interviewing or taking online classes. The good thing is that they come with built-in recording options.

So let’s start;


Step 1 Go ahead and call on Skype.

Step 2 On the bottom right corner you’ll see 3 dots for more options, Click on it.

Step 3 Click on Start recording.

Step 4 A banner will show at the top to let everyone know the call is being recorded.

Step 5 When done with recording, simply click Stop Recording you can see at the top.

Step 6 You can see the recorded call in the chat window. Wait for a while if it doesn’t show up in the chatbox instantly.

Because the call is recorded and saved on the cloud, you’ll need to download it to save it on your machine. Here’s how you can do it:

How to download the Recorded Skype calls

Step 1 Click on the vertical 3 dots next to the recording

Step 2 Click again on Save to Downloads to download straight to the Downloads directory or select Save as and choose where you want to save it.


Step 1 Start a meeting

Step 2 Click on the Record icon at the bottom of your Zoom meeting window

Step 3 You’ll see two options. Click on the Record on this Computer to save file on your pc, or Record to Cloud if you want to save your file online. The later is preferred if you wish to share your recorded meeting.

Step 4 You can pause or stop recording your meeting at any time with buttons at the bottom.

Step 5 After you end your meeting the conversion process will initiate – the time it takes depends on your pc performance and length of recording.

Step 6 Next, it’ll ask for the location you want to save your file to. The default is set to Documents > Zoom folder on your Mac.

Step 7 If you can’t find your file, head to the Zoom app window and click on Meetings, then under the Recorded tab you’ll see all your saved recordings.

Step 8 You can choose to Open the file, Play Video, Play Audio-only, and delete. If you chose to Save to cloud the Open button will take you to the online location of your file.

The Universal way to Record Voice and Video Calls Online on Mac for FREE

There are many apps that can record calls but not many are like Screen Flow. The recorded video will be watermarked, which is literally the least of problems comparing to the advanced features of the app coming in free alongside the ease of use.

Now you can record your classes for revisions or review an important interview to ensure you don’t miss any crucial point.

So here’s how you can record on this app:

Screen Flow

Step 1 Download and install Screen Flow free trial.

Step 2 Open the app.

Step 3 In your dock right click on the Screen Flow icon and click New Recording

Step 4 In this window, select what you want to record. Most importantly check the Record Computer Audio and Record Audio From, and Record Desktop From – If you want to record what your desktop is displaying.

Step 5 Hit that record button.

Step 6 After you’ve finished recording, press Shift, Command, 2 to stop recording, and open the editor.

Step 7 Edit if you want, or simply go to File menu and click Export.

Step 8 Wait for it to finish, and Voila!

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