How to Change Haptic and Touch Sensitivity on iPhone

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Haptic Touch was introduced in iPhone XR which was the first budget iPhone from Apple but lacked 3d touch found in the same day releases: iPhone X, XS and XS max. Giving a direction that the 3d touch technology might be available in the future Apple devices.

But, no, Apple decided to stick with Haptic touch by issuing the functionality in iPhone 11 and later, while deducting the 3d Touch from them.

How is Haptic Touch different from ‌3D Touch‌?

3d touch ensues multiple actions based on multiple pressure levels, meaning that a lighter press allows a certain action and a harder press, another action. Apple enabled different pressure levels for “Peek and Pop” gestures.

Haptic touch does pretty much the same as what 3d touch did but instead of applying certain pressure while tapping, you need to press-and-hold to get more info or to perform actions such as, switching apps, animating live Photos, previewing images and links etc.

If you want, you can adjust the duration of the long-press to make things work out according to your liking.

If someone happens to find Haptic Touch too lazy, then it might help to check your haptic touch settings. To see if it might have accidentally switched to the slow

How to change Haptic touch Duration

1. Launch Settings app.

2. Scroll down and tap on Accessibility option.

Tap Accessibility in settings

3. Scroll again and under PHYSICAL AND MOTOR, tap Touch.


4. Press 3D & Haptic Touch

Tap on 3d & Haptic Touch

5. Under TOUCH DURATION you can choose Fast, if you want a quick response, or Slow for a longer duration between your touch and the specified action to undertake.

Change action preview duration to fast and slow

If your device is 3d Touch enabled, you can set the slider to adjust your 3d touch sensitivity.

If you have any question regarding 3d Touch or Haptic touch just comment below.

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