How to reset Apple ID password on mac iphone and ipad 2

iforgot my Apple ID password, how can I reset it on iPhone, iPad and Mac?

It’s happened alot, “iforgot” apple id password and had to reset it for Appstore, iTunes, and other things that need Apple ID to work. If it has happened with you…

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Scheduled – Schedule a text message on iPhone

How to Schedule a text message on iPhone in 2021

Apple by default doesn’t provide a function inside its messaging app to schedule a text message on iPhone. But you got third party tools to help you out.  Now, most…

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iPhone 12 water resistant durability 1

Apple flaunts iPhone 12 Durability in a new ad

Apple uploaded a new ad on its Youtube channel showing off the durability of its flagship device iPhone 12. The video shows iPhone 12 amalgamated in the hectic “cook”ing session…

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Tencent Gaming Buddy For Mac

Little Known Way To Get Tencent Gaming Buddy For Mac

I know you want to play PUBG on your Mac, but one of the best PUBG mobile emulator: Tencent Gaming Buddy, is not built for Mac systems yet. Not to…

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okkHow to delete whatsapp contacts but no from phone

How to Delete WhatsApp Contacts But Not from iPhone’s Phone Directory?

You know how to delete contacts from WhatsApp which requires you to delete contacts from phone’s directory. But what if you want to Delete WhatsApp contacts but not from Phone?…

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